Fancy Dising L "Blue" [SBK3574]

Fancy Dising L "Blue" [SBK3574]

Our Selling Price販売価格: 7,600円(Yen)(tax included)

重み: 100g

Size Stock
SS △ 残りわずか!
S ○ 購入可能!
M ○ 購入可能!
L × 完売しました!
LL × 完売しました!

Our Selling Price販売価格: 7,600円(Yen)(tax included)

数量 / Quantity:

Item Description 商品詳細

AQUXの競パンの中でも個性的な切り替えで、足が長く見えるような効果を持たせている"Fancy Diving"! 久しぶりの登場です。

AQUX's "Fancy Diving" racing pants have a unique changeover that makes the legs look longer.
It has been a while since its last appearance.
The border and star patterns that continue all the way to the back are the key points.
The item has impact and is refreshing and looks great by the water.
This is a limited item that will not be resold.

Size : SS/S/M/L/LL

Content : Polyester 85% / Polyurethane 15%

Japan Made


■Please note that our swimwear sizes are one or two sizes smaller than US and European standard.
■To adjust waist, just pull the lace inside. Do not make it into a knot.
Detailed size chart here.


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