Bulge Swim "Red" [SBK3313]

Bulge Swim "Red" [SBK3313]

Our Selling Price販売価格: 7,600円(Yen)(tax included)

重み: 100g

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Our Selling Price販売価格: 7,600円(Yen)(tax included)

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Item Description 商品詳細

A bikini like a speedos.
As the name suggests, it is a swimsuit that emphasizes the erection.
TPU "thermoplastic polyurethane" used for smartphone cases etc. is used for the side fabric.


Size : SS/S/M/L/LL

Content : Polyester 85% / Polyurethane 15%

Japan Made


■Please note that our swimwear sizes are one or two sizes smaller than US and European standard.
■To adjust waist, just pull the lace inside. Do not make it into a knot.
Detailed size chart here.


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