Open Pouch Boxer "Green" [UBX3690]

Open Pouch Boxer "Green" [UBX3690]

Our Selling Price販売価格: 4,200円(Yen)(tax included)

重み: 100g

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Item Description 商品詳細

An Open Pouch Boxer with a unique cup!
This is the second time since we first sold it.
I made the fabric of the cup white and it turned out sexy.
And it might come in handy when you go to the bathroom, since you can pull it out from the side!

ユニークなカップの付いたOpen Pouch Boxer!

Size : S/M/L
Content : Polyester 85% / Polyurethane 15%
Japan Made

Size : M
Height : 173cm / Chest : 105cm / Waist : 81cm / Hip : 91cm

Detailed size chart here.


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