Rainbow Polo " White" [SBK3517]

Rainbow Polo " White" [SBK3517]

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Although it is named Water Polo, the fabric is a regular 2-way stretch.

Water Poloと名前はついていますが、生地は、通常の2ウェーを使った競パンです。気を付けてください!

Rainbow color scheme for Pride Month in June!
These speedos feature a bright design with a rainbow logo on a white background.
The sides are switched with black so that they are not too flashy, and the design is clean and easy to use.

6月のPride Monthに向けたレインボー配色の競パン!

Size : SS/S/M/L/LL

Content : Polyester 85% / Polyurethane 15%

Japan Made


■Please note that our swimwear sizes are one or two sizes smaller than US and European standard.
■To adjust waist, just pull the lace inside. Do not make it into a knot.
Detailed size chart here.