STRIKESKIN Rugby Cup TB [TM115543]

STRIKESKIN Rugby Cup TB [TM115543]

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Our Selling Price販売価格: 2,200円(Yen)(tax included)


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ナイロン88% ポリウレタン12%

【TM collection/TxM original/Unisex-ウエストサイズ】
Mサイズ: 約76-84 cm

A cup-emphasized T-back bikini made from strike skin (a special soft material that is smooth and smooth)! If you make the front cup with a special pattern and put it in it, it is recommended with a nice pattern that is condensed and emphasized like a rugby ball ♪

Content :Nylon 88% Polyurethane 12%

[TM collection / TxM original / Unisex-waist size]
M size: 76-84 cm


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